5 Best Hobby No Spin Throwing Knives (2024 Budget Options Included)

Throwing knives can be an amazing outdoor activity, whether when camping and to pass the time, or setting up a casual competition between the friends to see who can throw the best, it’s just perfect for a multitude of situations. If you want a way to show off your knife throwing skills to your friends and family or just to the squirrels in your campground, learning how to throw a knife with the “no spin” technique is a great way to do that. I’m not here to get into how to do that, because before you can learn how to throw with no spin, you need to get the proper equipment. With how many options there are out there, finding the best throwing knives out there can be quite intimidating. Here are my top 5 recommended choices for throwing knives for the “no spin” technique!

throwing knife in tree
throwing knife punch into a tree log

Perfect Point Throwing Knives Set

Perfect Point Throwing Knives – Set of 12 – 6 Satin Finish and 6 Black Stainless Steel Throwing Knives, Includes Nylon Sheath, Full Tang Construction, Well Balanced, – PAK-712-12


First, we’re going to start off with the Perfect Point PAK. This is probably the best option in just terms of value and bang for your buck. It comes with 12 knives, 6 silver, and six black, for the price of $40. Each knife is 8 ½ inches long and weighs about 3.4 oz, a little bit on the light side for knives so be wary of bounceback if you don’t stick it. It also comes with a handy black nylon carrying case/sheath that zips up and holds all of the knives snugly and safely!

Cold Steel Sure Balance Thrower Set

Cold Steel Sure Balance Thrower black


The next knife is the Cold Steel Sure Balance Thrower. This knife is a beast among knives, it weighs twice as much as most amateur throwing knives, weighing in at 18.5 oz. The blade is 9” long and the entire knife is 13⅜” long. I would recommend this knife to people who have been throwing knives for a while now and have some wrist strength built up. Beginners might find themselves experiencing wrist strain if they use this knife too much. (Side note, this knife does not come with a sheath like the rest but there is one that you can buy off of Amazon along with the knife.)

Cold Steel (SC80TBP) Sure Balance Sheath Only (Cordura)SEE BEST PRICE

United Cutlery Throwing Knives Set

Gil Hibben Large Triple Throwing Knife Set


Next up is the United Cutlery Gil Hibben set! This three piece knife set is an amazing set for beginners and was one of my first sets! This was the set that I learned how to throw on. These silver stainless steel knives clock in lengthwise at 4⅝” blade with a total length of 8⅝”, and weigh about 5 oz each. These knives look amazing and they come with a nylon belt sheath that holds the knives securely.

Szco Supplies Balanced Full-Tang Throwing Knives Set

Szco Supplies Throwing Spikes, 10' Stainless Steel No Spin Throwing Set with Nylon Belt Sheath


Next on the list is the Szco Supplies 10” 3-Piece knife set. This is a great knife set for its cost, it is affordable and as the name of the product says, there are 3 knives in this set and they are each 10” long in total. They have a speartip head instead of a knife blade, which is 2¾” long. These knives weigh in at about 8.7 oz each, and like several of the others, it comes with a black nylon belt sheath that snugly holds the knives at your side. It is very durable and despite the slight curvature on the body of these knives, they can still work extremely well with the no-spin technique!

Smith & Wesson Stainless Steel Throwing Knives Set

Smith & Wesson 10in Throwing Knives Set 3 Pack with Nylon Belt Sheath and Ergonomic Design for Outdoor, Recreation and Competition


Our final knife set is the Smith & Wesson SWTK10CP Three 10” Knife Set. Smith & Wesson are a big name in the knife business as they have been making them for over a hundred years! These knives are high quality stainless steel, 10” long and weigh in at around 7 oz each. Like most of the other sets on this list they come with a black nylon belt sheath. 

I hope this list was very helpful to you and I wish you the best of luck with your knife throwing endeavors!

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