What Are The Benefits Of Hacky Sack Game Playing?

Upon first glance, many people have not considered the many benefits of hacky sack. When played and practiced regularly, hacky sack will provide many physical, mental, and social benefits.

Physical benefits of hacky sack

hacky sack benefits

Let’s take a closer look at a few of the many benefits of hacky sack. 

1. Heart-healthy

Let’s begin with the most obvious benefits of hacky sack. Hacky sack is a great exercise for your heart. When you’re playing you’re doing these repetitious movements right? The repetitive kicking and jumping keep your heart rate high and that aerobic rhythm is what strengthens your heart.

2. Develops strength, endurance, & energy

Another one of the more obvious benefits of hacky sack is that it builds strength. You can see evidence for strength in required effort and endurance. You won’t look like a bodybuilder, but you will become stronger (and leaner) as a result of playing hacky sack. Strength building is a result of repetitively using your muscles in new ways.

You can feel yourself becoming stronger as moves become easier to pull off. Moves that used to be difficult become easier with practice, and this is a result of strengthening your body.

Endurance is another way to observe yourself becoming stronger. Building endurance comes from practice. By doing the same thing time and time again your body becomes use to it. Eventually, your efforts pay off, and you no longer get tired as easy and you can play longer than when you first started. . 

The outcome to developing a healthy heart and strength in these two areas is more energy. The more energy you have, the more hacky sack you can play!

3. Develops coordination

Coordination is also one of the benefits of hacky sack. You learn more about what your body is capable of while you are working to develop your skills and expand your abilities.

Think back to when you first began playing. Your movements were most likely disjointed, clumsy, and made you look off-kilter. Over time movements became more fluid as you learn how to move effectively.

This new knowledge and ability comes from staying focused and concentrating on your goals. Your movements become refined, and eventually you develop the coordination to pull off those cool moves that you see on YouTube.

Mental benefits of hacky sack

hacky sack benefits

4. Clearer thinking

The mind-body connection is nothing new. It should come as no surprise that one of the benefits of hacky sack is the ability to think better. Focus and concentration are required if you want to accomplish anything in this game.

This can be said of most forms of exercise, but it certainly applies to hacky sack. Exercising helps you to think clearer because it makes you feel good and reduces stress – which brings me to my next point…

5. Cathartic

In simple terms, another benefit of playing hacky sack is that it can help reduce stress. We all get stressed out from time to time. Sometimes we need a good healthy outlet for stress relief, and hacky sack checks all the boxes: It’s active; It’s beneficial; It’s enjoyable – what more could you ask for?

6. Build confidence and better mood

Another benefit of hacky sack is that it builds confidence. No matter your skill level, hacky sack is an activity that is goal driven. Your goal may be to kick it 5 or 10 times, or it may be to successfully complete a 6 add “Spinning Symposium Down Double Down”.

Whatever your goal is, as you progress you begin to feel good about yourself and what you’ve accomplished. Your hard work is paying off, and you are able to enjoy the fruits of your labor.

Building confidence is important to becoming a better player, and you gain confidence with experience one kick at a time.

Social benefits of hacky sack

hacky sack benefits

7. Connect with others

One of the social benefits of hacky sack is you meet new people. Meeting new people helps you to not only learn from others but also provides opportunities to teach others.

Hacky sack is something that the majority of people are familiar with. Because most people know what it is but have not played, there is a built in curiosity. This curiosity provides the opportunity to engage with others, teaching others about hacky sack.

Even for the people that casually play there is an opportunity to connect by talking about experiences, abilities, bags, etc.

Some of the closest friends I made in college were from joining a circle and kicking the bag in-between classes. Having a healthy inclusive activity really helps to expand your social circle and opens new opportunities.

8. Attracts likeminded individuals

Another of the social benefits of hacky sack is attracting likeminded individuals. If you are playing hacky sack in a public area, it is likely that some people will stop and watch, some people may ask to join, or people will pay no mind to you. For those that ask to join, you can safely assume that you have something in common with those people.

While hacky sack is widely known, it is not as widely played. So, finding people that have an interest in playing can be difficult at times. My best advice is to play, and then people that are interested will come to you.

Chances are, if someone considers hacky sack an enjoyable pastime, then you probably have other things in common also. Go out there, enjoy yourself, and meet new people.

Conclusion: benefits of hacky sack

The physical, mental, and social benefits of hacky sack eventually add up. Developing a healthier body contributes to better mental health. You experience less stress, more confidence, and boost your mood, all of which contributes to fulfilling social interactions.

While the benefits of hacky sack are vast and extend well beyond this brief list, don’t forget that it is mostly about being fun and exciting.

In order to reap the benefits of hacky sack, get out there and play. Whether you are playing by yourself or with others, the important part is that you are playing – you’ll benefit from it. Do yourself a favor and play hacky sack to live a long healthy life!

5 thoughts on “What Are The Benefits Of Hacky Sack Game Playing?”

  1. This 100% 100% my feelings on it. I was seeking statistics backing the positive effects of hacky sack when I stumbled upon ghis. I’d there any greatly recognized organizations globally or here in the United States that you know of which back this I could turn to?? In the meantime I’ll utilize kicksack.com for a reference but would appreciate any leads or organization which backs these findings like Olympic statistics or world heart health organizations etc. THANKS SO MUCH -MIKE

    • @Michael carrier
      if you’re looking for stats that map onto the benefits of footbag, consider looking at whatever addresses aerobic exercise. At the core of the benefits is maintaining the aerobic activity, and with this comes coordination, speed, strength, etc.
      Please let me know what you find; Best of luck!

  2. Great article. It seems to me that footbag is an underrated way to excercise: it’s fun, almost free, requires little space, and almost no equipment. Sure, it can look a little goofy but just think how many strange things people do at the gym, not to mention all the spandex clad cyclists. I find it to be a great way to release nervous energy after long hours sitting at work. Thanks for the article!

  3. Thanks Luke!
    It is absolutely an underrated exercise. I believe that many of us are obsessed with keeping up with the herd, which means engaging in what everyone else is engaged in. This often means throwing on some spandex and sitting at an exercise machine. The simplicity that becomes complex is, to me, the attraction of the sport of footbag. For me, looking goofy is unavoidable. But, once I get the feel of something and gain fluidity and confidence, then I feel players look quite graceful and almost defy nature.
    Anyways, thank you for reading and commenting! We’ll have more articles coming out in the next week or so. Please check back


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