How To Get Good At Hacky Sack (3 Solo Practices)

Your friends all play Hacky sack and are already pretty good? You wanna join the circle but don’t want to be that guy who ruins the passing flow? These feelings are legit. Come see how to get good at hacky sack.

how to get good at hacky sack

How to get good at hacky sack?

Probably any player at any group sport feels this way as a beginner. The good thing about Hackysack tough (and other kicking games) is that you can get better at home before you join the group.

3 Solo Techniques to get good at hacky sack

So here are a few techniques that you can practice at home solo. Practice these techniques for 30 min each day in the next two weeks and I promise your skills will improve.

* If you don’t have a sack yet, get one that is suitable for beginners.

1. Bouncing



This is maybe the most basic technique to get good at hacky sack.
But by the time you can bounce the sack 10-15 time your skils will improves amazingly.


  • Foot sensitivity
  • Eye-foot coordination
  • One leg balance

Bounce the ball on your foot and knee as many times as you can.

Always try to break your own record.

Bounced twice? great. Try 3.

Bounced 10? Go for eleven.

2. Kicking against the wall

Bouncing the ball against the wall will make you practice your strong kicks. You will have to respond fast and strong. Slowly you will learn to predict the angle in which the ball is gonna bounce back to you and responding will become easier.

* This technique must be practiced with a “bouncy ball” and not with a sack


  • Strong kicks
  • Intaking and returning
  • Responding speed

When playing in a group predicting where the ball is going to come from is crucial. Kicking against the wall will help you improve this ability.

3. Shoot for target

Practicing this technique will build your accuracy skills and will shorten your way to get good at hacky sack.

It doesn’t take much. Just grab a bucket, stand 5 steps away from it and try to score the ball inside of it.

As you get better you can either use a bucket with a smaller diameter or stand further away from it.

  • Having several hackysacks makes this technique more efficient as you don’t need to go bring the ball back after every kick.


  • Accuracy
  • Passing skills
  • Unknown direction

You can practice with any regular bucket you have at home.

If you can’t find anything or wish to be professional consider this bucket called BULZiBUCKET.
– It has three different diameters
– It’s stable so it won’t flip
– and it comes with six balls.
Plus there’s a cool game around it you can later play with a group of friends.

After you practiced some

Practicing at home is great.
Work these 3 techniques 30 minutes every day = You will improve.

But don’t wait until you’re a bouncing pro to join a circle!

Remember – everyone was a beginner and everybody drops the ball sometimes, don’t worry about it too much!

You’ve been practicing at home for a while?

You can bounce the ball on your leg for 10-15 times?

Can hit the ball back to the wall a few times in a row?

Getting pretty accurate with the bucket?

Join the circle. don’t hold back.

Your biggest improvement will occur once you will start playing with a group!

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