5 of the Best Paper Throwing Games in 2023!

Remember the good old days when all you had to entertain yourself was a piece of paper? Well, grab a few sheets of paper and get ready to have some fun because paper throwing games are making a comeback! These simple but fun games can be enjoyed by everyone in the family, from toddlers to grandparents. Keep reading to learn more about these fun and easy paper throwing games!

kids throwing paper airplanes

Paper Airplane Toss

This classic game is perfect for young children who can’t quite throw a ball yet. All you need is some paper and tape. Fold your piece of paper into an airplane. You can try folding different sizes and shapes to level up the fun. Next, with the tape, make a targets on the ground and assign each a point value (for example, one point for hitting inside the circle, two points for hitting outside). To play, each person takes turns tossing their plane as close to the circle as possible. The first person to reach 10 points wins!

Paper Boomerang

This game requires two players and some paper strips folded into boomerangs. For instructions on how to fold a paper boomerang, search online for a step by step video. To play, stand across from the player with a paper boomerang in hand. On “go” you’ll toss your boomerangs towards each other at the same time and attempt to catch them after they have flown back towards you. The first person to catch three boomerangs in a row is declared the winner!

Sticky Paper Toss

This paper toss game is a great way to have fun with friends and family! It’s easy to set up and get started playing; all you need is paper, tape, cardboard, and some creativity. To begin the game, create sticky targets around your house. To do this, take the cardboard and add tape to it with the sticky side up then place them around the house. Players then have to throw paper balls onto the target areas. Whoever tosses the most paper balls that stick to the targets in 30 seconds wins! This activity is perfect for any age group as it encourages physical activity while having some fun. So grab some paper and let the paper-tossing commence!

Paper Plate Ring Toss

This game is perfect for larger groups or parties. You’ll need several paper plates (depending on how many people are playing), flat cardboard, tape, and some cardstock. First cut large circles into the middle of each plate (about 5-6 inches in diameter). Then take a piece of cardstock and roll it into a tube and tape it together. Use your tape to attach your card stock tube onto your piece of cardboard (this will serve as your target board). Now it’s time to play! Assign a point value based on how close you can get your plate onto the target board (e.g., 1 point for close proximity; 3 points if it lands on the board). The first person to reach 20 points is the winner!

Throw in One Paper Toss

Throw in one paper toss is an exciting game that combines paper tossing with the challenge of making your toss land in a cup! To start, you’ll need at least four paper cups, tape, and some paper for throwing. Arrange the cups so that they are evenly spaced on the floor or table in a pattern (you may want to tape the cups down). You’re ready to play! Take turns tossing paper balls into the cups from different distances to score points. You can also try out variations like throwing paper wads for an extra challenge! Have fun playing this game with friends and family, it’s sure to provide a great time of entertainment!

Playing paper throwing games is a great way families and friends can spend quality time without ever leaving home or spending any money! From Paper Airplane Toss and Paper Boomerang to Paper Plate Toss, there are plenty of fun options that anyone can enjoy – regardless of age or skill level. So get ready for some laughs and good times with these classic but still entertaining paper throwing games! Happy tossing!

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