Top 3 Frisbee Drinking Games to Try in 2024

Frisbee has quickly accelerated into a favorite pastime for many Americans of all ages. With its rapid growth, frisbee has seen itself incorporated into a variety of different subcategories of games. From the fraternities of American universities to the tailgates of football stadiums, frisbee drinking games have quickly found themselves as a fan favorite. Whether you’re in it to sharpen your throwing skills, or just looking for an excuse to chug a cheap beer, frisbee drinking games have something for everyone! (of age, of course). That being said, let’s break down some of our favorite drinking games that feature flying plastic, our top frisbee drinking games! 

Man playing frisbee on the beach

The Classic “Catch and Throw” 

Getting tipsy with friends with a frisbee drinking game is a great way to socialize regardless of skill level! The “catch and throw” drinking game doesn’t take much skill, people who have never even touched a frisbee before can have a fun time playing (and drinking, of course). The game is simple! Players throw the frisbee to each other and whoever fails to catch the frisbee must take a sip of their drink. If the player’s throw is bad or crashes, the thrower then takes a drink instead! Playing “catch and throw” requires a bit of an honor system- if your throw sucked, own up to it and drink! Other frisbee drinking games can require a bit more of its players, not everyone can hit a target with pinpoint accuracy, but just about anyone can throw a frisbee within the general direction of a person! So, beginner or not, make sure to bring a frisbee to your next drinking outing and get ready to get tipsy! 


BEERSBEE- beer + frisbee= Beersbee, get it? Beersbee is one of our absolute favorite ways to drink while throwing around a disc. The basics are that each team, (with one or two players) will need two poles. Next, get two basic red solo cups and flip them over so they hang upside down on the poles. Now, the fun part! To start, throw the frisbee at your opponent’s pole with two goals in mind; knock their cup from the pole, and make sure they don’t catch the frisbee. Simple enough, right? Now, the team being thrown at can make a save by either catching the frisbee before it hits a pole, or catching the cup before it hits the ground. If the frisbee hits the ground or hits a solo cup to the ground, the losing team drinks. If the team is able to catch the frisbee or cup, they are still safe! Beersbee is a game that will test your throwing, reflexes, and drinking abilities! 


At this point, you know how to play Beersbee, but have you heard of Frowling? FROWLING, frisbee + bowling = Frowling, funny how that works isn’t it? Don’t even think about throwing out your empty bottles and cans, Frowling is a game that perfectly utilizes the cans you have amassed after a day of drinking. To play, gather ten empty cans or bottles and line them up in your typical ten pin bowling formation. Here’s the creative part;  turn the tabs of each can 180 degrees so they align over the opening of the can. Then place a glow stick through each can’s or bottles tab/opening. Now for the fun (and destructive part) – each player gets two throws to try to knock down as many cans as possible! Miss the cans entirely? – you drink! “Bowl” a strike? – everyone else finishes their drink! Hitting these small cans or bottles isn’t as easy as it seems, but the glow sticks make Frowling the perfect game for sundown drinking! 

Drinking frisbee games are a great way to bring people together and create a fun and relaxed atmosphere. Playing a frisbee drinking game can break the ice and help people bond, making it a perfect choice for social gatherings and parties. Ditch the boring sitting and chatting over a beer and move around with your booze! The games can be simple and lighthearted for the beginner or a bit more high stakes for the more advanced throwers! Bringing a frisbee to your next tailgate or outdoors party is a great way to spend time outside and get a bit tipsy while you’re at it! 

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