How to throw a frisbee straight as an arrow


Have you ever been to a park and seen someone toss a frisbee with great precision? It’s both impressive and a bit intimidating. Have you ever wanted to learn how to throw it straight and accurately too? If so, this article is for you! Here, we’ll provide tips on how to throw a frisbee straight like the pros — whether you’re an experienced player or just starting out.

Man and woman throwing a frisbee

The Table Method: For beginners

Throwing a frisbee is both a fun and challenging activity that anyone can learn with a bit of practice. “The Table Method” is a great way for beginners to learn a forehand throw. 

Step 1: To start, hold the frisbee at its edge with your dominant hand. Your thumb should be on top with your index and middle fingers underneath.

Step 2: Bend your arm across your body and turn your body so it is perpendicular to your target. For example, imagine an arrow pointing directly out of your hip. This is where you are aiming

Step 3: With a slight twist at the wrist, quickly uncurl your arm and imagine the frisbee is sliding across an imaginary table’s surface. This will help ensure that it will fly in an even trajectory as it glides through the air.

Step 4: Focus on releasing the frisbee from your hand with a flick of the wrist. This should happen before your arm is straight again.

Finally, as you let go of the frisbee, take note of how much wrist flick was behind your throw – too little could cause it to drop short before reaching its intended destination; too much could cause it to sail right past its target. With some practice runs, you’ll soon get accustomed to feeling what’s just right – when enough strength has been applied while still keeping control over accuracy of direction. So don’t forget: give it just enough juice as you slide it across that “table”.

What to do if the frisbee curves in the air?

If the frisbee isn’t flying straight after you throw, there are a few things that may be causing it. The first thing is that your arm is not extending at a flat level. 

When you throw the frisbee, if it curves to the left, check where your arm is pointing after the release. If it is pointing towards the sky, focus on keeping it level. That should help the curve to the left. 

However, if the frisbee curves to the right when you throw it, your arm may be pointing towards the ground after you release the disk for a throw. In both cases your extended arm should be perfectly level pointing in the direction of the horizon. 

Curving a frisbee is not always a bad thing! Once you master the table method and practice for a while, you will get a feel for how to manipulate the throw to be in your favor. Curving a frisbee throw is great for games like ultimate where you need to get around the enemy team or even around obstacles like trees or buildings! 

How to fix a wobbly throw

When you try to throw a frisbee in a straight line, does the disk wobble side to side in the air? This effect can be especially annoying when you try to throw it across a long distance. The wobble causes it to catch more wind and can easily be knocked out of the air.

To fix a wobbly throw, the answer is all in the wrist! Flicking your wrist more means the frisbee will spin more in the air and stay much flatter. As a result, it will also usually fly further and faster. Many pros can send a frisbee flying for many yards with only a wrist flick and very little arm movement. That is where the power in a frisbee throw comes from. 

Conclusion – Throwing a Frisbee Straight and Far

With some exercise and repetition, anyone can learn the basics of throwing a frisbee straight. Just remember the table method and to put the power into the wrist. These steps are sure to help your frisbee go far and fast every time. Once you have mastered throwing a frisbee straight with a forehand throw, you can graduate to new throws like backhand or hammer throw.

Once you master the art of throwing a frisbee straight, why not give the game of ultimate frisbee or disc golf a try? Ultimate frisbee is a fun, active game for all ages that incorporates elements of football with some added twists. Disc golf is a sport very similar to traditional golf, except with flying discs instead of clubs and balls.

Gather your friends and family together and start playing, but be prepared to be entertained all day long as it’s easy to get hooked on these addictive sports!

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