When is a goal scored in ultimate frisbee (beginner’s guide)


Are you new to the game of ultimate frisbee and wanting to know when a goal is scored? You’ve come to the right place! 

Ultimate frisbee is an exciting and fast-paced sport that has been gaining major popularity in recent years. This growth in interest means more people are getting involved, but they might not be familiar with all the rules of scoring. In this post, we’ll discuss when and how a goal can be officially recorded during an ultimate frisbee game.

 So read on and join us as we explore what it takes for someone to score a point in this fun sport!

A player diving for a frisbee throw

Where is the goal located in ultimate frisbee?

The goal in ultimate is located at either end of the playing field. Typically a marked field for ultimate is around 100 meters by 37 meters. The goal, also known as endzone, is located at the far ends of the field. Each endzone is 18 meters deep, putting 64 meters of space between each one.  

People usually use cones or pylons to mark the beginning of the endzone as well as the edges of the court. Keeping an eye on these cones is critical to finding yourself inside the endzone. Go too far and you’ll be out of bounds which causes a turnover. Don’t go far enough and you may have to throw again before your team can score a point. 

How do you score a point in a game of ultimate?

The rules for scoring a point in ultimate are simple. The first rule is that at least one foot must be over the endzone line to score a point. If your foot is just barely touching that line but not crossing it, it doesn’t count. Any part of the foot must be over the line for the pass to count as a point.

Secondly, the throw to the person in the end zone must be a complete pass. If it is knocked away or intercepted by the opposing team it does not count as a point. 

Finally, there is something to keep in mind. Ultimate frisbee is a non-contact sport meaning harsh physical contact is not allowed. Since it is a fast paced and very physically intense game, the occasional bump is bound to happen. However, some people try to push, block, or shove people out of the end-zone. 

This is simply against the rules and since ultimate is a self-officiated sport, there is a good chance that someone will call you on an obvious foul. The important thing is to stay safe and have fun. If the enemy team scores a point, you will have your chance to score a point to keep up with them. 

How many points to win a game of ultimate?

A casual game of ultimate is very flexible and can be changed to fit the time that the group has to play. For example, you could play a game to 5 points or all the way up to 25 points!

In competitive and professional tournaments games are played first to 15 points. Competitive tournaments also adopt a “win-by-2” rule that means to win you must be 2 points ahead of the other team regardless of if you already have scored 15 points. 

What happens after you score a goal?

After someone scores a goal, the teams reset, then one team’s defender “pulls” the disc back to their offense. After the “pull”, teams then settle into position and the offense begins running plays and trying to sense opportunities for another score. 

The defensive unit will attempt to disrupt flow and create turnovers to regain possession of the disc. Points are typically scored fairly quickly – usually within three or four passes by the offense. This adds a level of excitement as the game progresses. As the point wears on, defenses may look to challenge deep passes or limit specific players’ ability to move through space freely. After a score, it all starts anew with both sides ready to battle their way back down field.


Overall, scoring a goal in an ultimate frisbee game can be thrilling and rewarding, and is the pinnacle of success in the sport. It serves as a triumphant end to an exciting game of strategy, speed, agility and accuracy. 

An immense amount of practice (on and off the field), effort, and the perfect frisbee goes into every goal scored which makes achieving it more enjoyable. Now that you know about when a goal is scored in ultimate frisbee, you can increase your chances of experiencing your own victory by landing that perfect pass into the end-zone.

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