How to Throw an Axe Underhanded (Trick Shot)

Axe throwing is a fun and exciting way to spend an afternoon with friends. While it may seem intimidating, anyone can learn how to, safely, throw an axe underhanded. We’ll go over the basics of underhanded throwing and provide some tips for success.

Throwing axe stuck in a log

Underhand vs Overhand Throwing

When it comes to axe throwing, there are two main techniques you can use: underhanded and overhanded. Each technique has its own advantages and disadvantages. Overhanded throws have a higher accuracy rate and tend to be easier for beginners to master; however, they require more practice if you want to achieve greater distances. Underhand throws are more powerful but they require more skill and precision in order to hit your target. Ultimately, it’s up to you which technique you prefer.

Basic Steps of Underhand Throwing

Once you’ve selected your preferred style of throwing, the next step is learning the basics of underhand throwing. Here are the four steps you should follow when throwing an axe underhanded:

  1. Grip the handle firmly with your dominant hand with the blade facing backwards. Make sure that your grip is strong enough that the axe won’t slip out of your hand as you throw it.
  2. Take a full step backward from the throwing line to get enough momentum for your throw. 
  3. Bring your arm back and then in front of you, releasing the axe as you step towards your target. As you release the axe make sure that your arm is straightened all the way in front of you before releasing it.
  4. Follow through with your throw by allowing your arm and body to finish in a natural position after release (this will help ensure maximum power). Once the axe has been released, take a few steps back from where it landed so that no one gets hurt if it bounces off course or ricochets off something nearby!

Practicing Proper Form for Axes and Tomahawks

As with any sport or activity, practicing proper form is essential for mastering any skill level in axe throwing. Be sure to keep these important tips in mind when practicing:

  • Make sure that all parts of your body are properly aligned during each throw—your feet should be shoulder-width apart, your arms should be fully extended behind or in front of you before release, and most importantly, always have a firm grip on the handle! 
  • Focus on accuracy first; distance will come with time and practice! Concentrate on hitting each target without worrying about distance until you become comfortable with proper form and technique (it may take several throws before getting comfortable). 
  • Keep track of how many times each target was hit–this will help gauge progress over time so that improvements can be made as necessary!

With practice and patience anyone can learn how to throw an axe underhanded! Before long, they will be able to hit their targets every time even when you increase the distance between you and the target. So don’t worry if things don’t work out perfectly at first–with enough persistence anyone can become an axe throwing pro! Good luck!

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