11 Best METAL Hacky Sack and Footbags in 2024

Because of its weight and size, a metal hacky sack enables you to do many things that you couldn’t do otherwise. A metal footbag is great for trying out new tricks and developing control. Go ahead, try one out, and let us know how it improves your game.

My personal favorite METAL hacky sack is this footbag by Dragonfly clipper footbag 24 panels

11 Best Metal Hacky Sacks and Footbags in 2024

Why should you have a metal hacky sack in your collection? When shopping for hacky sacks and footbags, there is a lot to take into consideration. Among the most important factors to consider is which filling you prefer and best meets your needs.

So I’ve compiled a list of 11 metal hacky sacks that are great for beginners, casual players, and those of us that take footbag as a serious pastime. Let me help guide you through the specs and impressions of each of these metal hacky sacks.

1. Dragonfly Footbags Clipper 24 Panel

  • 24 Panels
  • 2 ¼ inches in diameter
  • Weighs 54 grams


The Clipper 24 Panel is a great introduction to metal hacky sacks. It has a great balance of weight, size, and fill. The Clipper sits at about 2 ¼ inches in diameter, low fill, and weighs about 54 grams. The size means that it is a little larger than a golf ball.

The combination of size and low fill makes Clipper footbag extremely stallable from the moment you take it out of the package. It is made from rugged Synthetic Suede and is hand-stitched for quality assurance. It can endure kicks, but it is made for stalls. Over time and through use, this bag makes even the most amateur players stall like the pros.

2. Dragonfly Drifter Footbags 26 Panel

  • Weighs: 50-60 g
  • 26 Panels
  • Diameter 2 ¼ inches

Dragonfly Drifter footbag is another standard size low-fill metal hacky sack measuring about 2 ¼ inches. This bag weighs between 50-60 grams which provide stability and stallability.

The Drifter 26 distinguishes itself from other bags by its addition of two extra panels. While this might not initially sound significant, the addition of these two panels transforms how the bag feels and plays. The two extra panels provide more space for easier stalling. The Drifter 26 is one of the best metal hacky sacks to begin developing your freestyle skills.

3. World Footbag Dirtbag Stellar Metal Hacky Sack

  • A mixture of sand, metal, and pellets
  • Diameter is 2 ½- ¾ inches
  • Glows in the dark for nighttime play
  • 12 Synthetic suede panels

Dirtbag Stellar hacky sack is one of Amazon’s highest-rated and frequently purchased metal hacky sacks. It’s still a standard size footbag measuring about 2 ½- ¾ inches. The Dirtbag Stellar footbag actually has a mixture of sand, metal, and pellets to get just the right proportion of fill to weight ratio. The extra fill provides a better *pop* than those with less filler. The fill level is balanced out by 12 synthetic suede panels that provide enough space to keep it stallable.

I’ve personally owned a Dirtbag Stellar for a couple of years, and it is still going strong. This bag is extremely durable, and the glow-in-the-dark feature is great for when sessions continue on into the night. Nighttime play is so much more satisfying when you can actually see the footbag.

4. Dragonfly Footbags Nemesis 14 Panel

  • Weight: 55-65 g
  • 14 Panel bag

The Nemesis 14 panel is one of my favorite on the list. Weighing in between 55-65 grams, this bag provides a great fill to bag ratio. Because the fill is low and the bigger panels provide more space and material for the fill to settle into, this bag almost stick to your foot. The Nemesis 14 panel is perfect for working on stalls, sets, kicks, and trying new tricks. Stalls can be performed almost effortlessly.

If you are looking to improve your game and become a better player, then the Dragonfly Footbags Nemesis 14 Panel is a great bag to have.

5. Dragonfly Metal Footbag Assassin 32 Panel

  • Weight: 65-80 g
  • 32 Panels
  • Diameter: 2 inches

The Assassin 32 is the quintessential footbag. This is another bag that has been in my collection for quite a while. Because this bag has a low to medium fill, it is good for both kicking and stalling. Its weight ranges from about 65-80 grams with a diameter is around 2 inches. After a few good sessions, this bag breaks in and becomes an amazing bag for solo or circle play.

The Assassin 32 provides a sturdy structure that provides just the right amount of *pop*, and the weight makes for great stalls. This bag is one of the best footbags for beginners and intermediate players because it will help you hone your juggling and stalling skills while lasting you for many sessions to come.

6. Dragonfly Metal Footbag 32 Panel Proseries

  • 2 ¼ -2 ½ inches
  • 65 g
  • 32 Panels
  • PERFECT for stalling

The Dragonfly 32 Panel Pro series is on my list of “must-have” bags. If you’re looking to get better at stalling, this metal hacky sack should be at the top of your list. Made from premium Ultrasuede and hand-stitched for quality, this bag is PERFECT for stalling.

The standard size provides some structure for that satisfying *pop* while its weight caters to players that are focused on stalls. The Dragonfly 32 Panel Proseries has a medium fill, so the weight of around 65 grams is substantial but not too much. This one does not require breaking in because of the high-quality Ultrasuede, but this also means you’ll need to be more careful. This bag is one of the best footbags for beginners because it will help you hone your juggling and stalling skills.

7. Dragonfly Metal Hacky Sack Pogo 8 Panel

The Pogo 8 Panel is a great bag. Its big panels are hand stitched synthetic suede that provides more than enough bag surface to make stalling look easy.

The combination of a low loose fill and big panels helps it stick to almost any surface. The use of synthetic suede helps this bag to be more durable, but I would still refrain from toe-pickups to prevent any tears in the material or stitching. The weight is around 45 grams. The Pogo 8 Panel is good for both kicking and stalling. This metal hacky sack is an amazing bag for solo and circle play as soon as you get it. This bag is one of the best metal hacky sacks for beginners.

8. Dragonfly Footbags Whirl 6 Panel

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  • 2 ¼ -2 ½ inches
  • 82 grams
  • 6 Panels
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is unique because of how the panels are shaped. Coming in at a hefty 82 grams, this bag will land and stay on whatever surface you want it to. The stylish arrangement of long panels provides a large collapsible surface while also helping it maintain its ball shape. The diameter is around 2 ¼ -2 ½ inches. The soft fabric and metal filling give this bag a great balance of control and *pop*.

In my experience, the unique pattern also provides extra durability, so this metal hacky sack is able to endure more abuse than some of the previously motioned bags. While doesn’t require much breaking in, the more you play with it, the better it becomes.

9. Dragonfly Metal Footbag Probe 14 Metal

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  • Low fill level
  • 82 g
  • 14 panels
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hefty bag comes in at around 82 grams! Its standard size, low fill level, and unique panel shapes make this a bag designed for players learning to stall. The design ensures good *pop* while also keeping it collapsible enough to stall on any surface.

Controlling and kicking is made easy, but be sure to wear good shoes because this metal hacky sack packs a punch!

10. Juice Elite Pro Metal Footbag

  • Diameter: 1 ¾ inch
  • Weight: 60 grams
  • The cover is synthetic suede


In the world of hacky sack, size matters. The difference of a couple of centimeters can change everything about how a bag plays. The Juice Elite Pro Footbag is one of my favorites of all time. With a medium fill of metal, it weighs around 60 grams. Because this bag is stitched synthetic suede it is quite durable. The bag is smaller than most with a diameter of 1 ¾ inch.

This is another bag that gets better with each kick. If you are wanting to become better, opt for this smaller bag. Because of its size, it is easier to work around when practicing high dexterity moves. Give yourself some time to get used to the size, and I promise you’ll learn to love it!

11. Hania Custom Handmade Metal Footbags

hania metal hacky sack
  • 2 ¼ inches in diameter
  • Weighs 55 grams
  • 4 Big panels


If you’re looking for the best money can buy, then look to the pros. Footbag living legend Hania Mickiewicz is not only an amazing player, but she also understands how to make the best metal hacky sacks.

Hania bags do not come cheap, but you can be confident that each is one of a kind. She has a three stitch system that is the result of playing and studying the sport for years. Many of the best players in the footbag world currently use Hania bags. She specializes in 14 and 32-panel bags, but you can even create your own design based on your favorite tv character. Whatever your hacky sack need is, she provides some of the best bags in the world.

Metal Hacky Sack – What to Consider

These metal hacky sacks will suit any player at any level of play. Remember to consider the number and size of panels, weight, and overall size of the bag. The combinations of these factors are a matter of personal preference and style of play.

While many of the differences between metal hacky sacks are mainly in the “looks department”, some differences actually affect how the bag feels and plays.

1. Size matters

Many of the smaller bags will have more *pop* because the close stitching helps to retain its ball shape. Also, the more panels a bag has, the stronger and more durable the bag tends to be. Because the surface area of each panel is smaller and reinforced by nearby stitching, this means there is less stress on each panel surface. 

2. Metal sacks are less durable

It is important to understand that a metal hacky sack is less durable than sand/dirt-filled and plastic-filled bags. Metal is obviously a heavier and harder filling than sand or plastic pellets. Because metal fillers are heavier and harder, they put more stress on the inside of the bag.

This means metal increases wear-and-tear on the stitched seams as well as the surface of the fabric itself. This is just the nature of playing with metal hacky sacks. They require a little more caution to prevent bag leaks. So, to be on the safe side, avoid toe-pickups. Grinding your bag into the ground with your foot is a surefire way to tear a hole in your bag.   

The rule of thumb here is “the more panels and less weight you have, the more durable your bag tends to be”.

Remember: Footbags that are more ball-like (higher fill level, more panels, etc.) are better for developing control when juggling. Footbags that are more collapsible (lower fill level, bigger panels, etc.) are better for learning and developing stalls.

3. Metal bags have greater stallability

In exchange for durability, you gain greater stallability. The weight of the metal filler means it is much easier to stall. Metal hacky sacks almost stick to your foot. This will help you gain the confidence to try new stalls in your move sets.

4. Panels size

Bigger panels also make bags easier to stall, but it also means a less stable ball-like structure. Bigger panels contribute to a “wobbly” bag when kicked, but bigger panels are also what makes for greater stallability. 

5. Dragonfly footbags

There are many other companies that produce high-quality metal hacky sacks, and still, many of the bags I selected for the list are Dragonfly footbags.

For me and many others “Dragonfly footbags” company has become a staple in the footbag industry by making high-quality bags for a reasonable cost. Dragonfly consistently puts out a great product no matter what bag you are considering. I personally have several and can attest to the quality of their footbags. 

Metal Hacky Sack – Great for Trying Out New Tricks

There you have it – my list of 11 best metal hacky sacks. My experience is that because of their weight and size, metal hacky sacks are great for doing tricks and are even better after a few sessions of play and a few washes. I suggest having a couple of metal hacky sacks in your collection because it won’t be complete without them. 

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