10 Sepak Takraw Terminologies and slang (Commonly used)

To play the game, we must first learn the game. It’s difficult to clearly communicate about something without knowing the lingo. So, in order to discover more about sepak takraw, we should understand the sepak takraw terminologies commonly used.

Sepak Takraw Terminologies

Sepak Takraw terminologies for teammates

1. “Sepak Takraw”

For this etymological exploration, let’s begin with the name of the game. “Sepak” is the Malaysian word for kick; “Takraw” is the word for the ball. When it’s put together “sepak takraw” translates to “kick a ball” or “kickball

2. “Regu”

This is the term for “team”. Typically, teams are made up of 3 people “Regus”. The sepak takraw terminologies for the player’s positions are based on whether or not that team is serving.

3. “Tekong”

The server (Tekong) of the serving team stands in the serving circle. Tekong is “fed” the ball by another teammate (“feeder/setter/tosser”). The Tekong must kick the ball over the net while keeping one foot on the ground in the serving circle.

 4. “Feeder/Setter/Tosser/Bowler”

This is the player that stands next to the net to the inside-right of the Tekong (server). As the position’s many names imply, this player has multiple roles. He tosses the ball to the Tekong to begin the match.

This player also sets the ball for the “attacker/striker/killer” to deliver a powerful shot. Though, this player can perform all actions on the court and is not restricted to set for other players.

5. “Attacker/Striker/Killer”

This is the player that stands at the net to the inside-left of the Tekong. Attacker/striker/killer is positioned at either corner of the net in the corner of a half-circle. This position is focused on delivering hard shots to the other team.

Again, the responsibilities are shared among teammates, but this is the focus of the position.

Sepak Takraw Terminologies

Image source: High kick by Victor Dumesny

Sepak Takraw terminologies for kicks

6. “Block”

This term is self-explanatory. Blocks are performed to prevent the other team from scoring points by preventing the ball from crossing the net. This is done with every part of the body except arms and legs.

7. “Spike”

Spikes are powerful shots performed by the attacking team. These shots are hard and fast making them more difficult to block.

8. “Roll Spike”

This move is essentially a back-flip kick. Players jump, kick, and land with the same leg while completing a flip midair.

9. “Sole Kick”

The sole kick is when a player uses the bottom of their shoe to make contact. Often, the aim is for it to be an unexpected soft touch to take the other team by surprise. But, this kick can also be powerful too.

10. Everything else

There are a variety of kicks in sepak takraw. There’s the inside kick, outside kick, toe kick, knee, header, etc. Again, the contact rules are just like football (soccer) – no arms or hands.

Sepak Takraw Terminologies

Image source: Adib Wahab

Now that you have the sepak takraw Slang

There you have it – a list of commonly used sepak takraw terminologies. Not only will sepak takraw terminologies help you gain a better understanding of the game, but it should give you some idea of the dexterity and abilities required to play the game.

This basic understanding will help you to introduce something fun and new to your friends. Get out there and try it!

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