Sepak Takraw Court Dimensions And Players Positions

As in all sports, in order to play, we must first know what we are playing on. To draw on something more familiar, a sepak takraw court is similar to a volleyball or badminton court with a few key differences. Sizes are different, but the general layout is the same. There is a flat area that is separated in half by a net.

Let’s explore what makes a sepak takraw court unique to the sport.

Sepak takraw court dimensions

A sepak takraw court measure 13.4 meters in length x 6.1 meters wide (44 ft. x 20 ft.).

sepak takraw court

The surfaces that courts are on seem to vary. A sepak takraw court is typically indoors on a floor of wood or rubber. But, many courts are outdoors. Outside sepak takraw courts are sand, dirt, or grass.

It’s important to play in an area that is flat and free of obstacles.

Positions of players

Each team (regu) has three players.

The server (Tekong) of the serving team stands in the serving circle while the other two (bowler/setter and striker/killer) are positioned at either corner of the net in the corner of a half-circle. The setter is on the left and the striker on the right. Players from the serving team are only allowed to move from their starting positions once the ball has crossed the net.

sepak takraw court

On the other side of the sepak takraw court stands the opposing team. They are able to move around freely as the opposing team is preparing to serve.

Sepak takraw net dimensions

Like in all net-sports, a net separates one half of the court from the other.

The net is required to be the width of the court (6.1 m). For the men’s division, the height of the net is 1.52 m (5 ft). For the women’s division, the net stands at 1.42 m (4ft 6in).

The net is typically made from some type of mesh and measures about .7 meters (2.3 ft/ 28 in).

Sepak Takraw ball

The ball that is used is unique to the sport of sepak takraw. This woven ball must have 21 intersections and 12 holes.

The original ball was made from weaving rattan: a sturdy light flexible wooden vine. The modern version of the ball tends to be made from rubber or plastic material, making it more durable and less punishing for the players. The ball must measure 42 – 45 cm (16.5-17.7 in).


Image source: “Sepak Takraw” by Jan

The standard weight varies between 170-180 g (6-6.3 oz) for men, and between 150-160 g (5.3-5.6 oz) for women.

Now that you have the right dimensions

Sepak Takraw is an amazing sport that requires a high level of athleticism. It combines the playing field of something like volleyball or badminton with the typical contact rules of football (soccer). 

It’s not likely that you have a sepak takraw court in your backyard and/or ball lying around the house. But, using the measurements provided here, you can begin to construct something that resembles what the professionals play on.

Get out there and try something new! 

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