12 Best Tossing and Throwing games For The Yard 2023

You probably didn’t know, but throwing games date back several millennia – as far as 5,000 BC! Throughout thousands of years that separate us from the first time an object has been thrown in competitive play, throwing games have evolved into dozens, if not hundreds of different disciplines – some more, some less known.

Tossing games can be very basic in premise, but they can be a great way to spend your free time. With that in mind, if you are looking for a new activity to have fun with, then our top of 12 tossing and throwing games may help you get started!


  • Bowling
  • Axe throwing
  • Bean bag toss
  • Horseshoe throwing
  • Ladder ball
  • Beer pong
  • Frisbee
  • Juggling
  • Spikeball game
  • Yard Darts
  • Ring Toss Game
  • Bocce Ball

12 Tossing & Throwing Games To Try Out

1. Bowling

Throwing Games bowling

Everyone knows what bowling is, and chances are that you’ve been at a bowling alley at least once in your life!

Unlike most other tossing & throwing games on this list, bowling can’t be done at home – you have to go to a bowling alley. On one hand, this creates some inconveniences and costs money. On the other, you don’t need to buy anything to play bowling at a recreational level (though some people prefer to play with their own bowling balls).

2. Axe throwing games

Axe throwing games

Axe throwing is probably one of the most thrilling throwing games out there. Where else do you get the chance to throw a razor-sharp axe?

At its nature simple, axe throwing actually is a pretty tough sport. You’ll probably hit the target butt-first for hundreds and hundreds of times before getting the hang of it.

Axe throwing is very demanding on safety measures as well. There are facilities properly equipped for injury-free axe throwing, but if you decide to make a little corner for this activity in your backyard, you’ll have to do everything to ensure that no one gets hurt while you practice.

3. Bean bag toss (Cornhole)

Bean bag toss game

Cornhole (also often called bean bag toss) is a simple and fun throwing game, which makes it one of the best family throwing games for you to try out.

If you want to get started quickly, then there are ready-made cornhole boards and bags available for purchase. These can be pretty pricey though. Fortunately, making DIY cornhole bags and boards is pretty easy, so you don’t have to spend too much money to spend some quality time with your family.

4. Horseshoe throwing games

Horseshoe throwing games

Horseshoe throwing (also simply called horseshoes) is pretty simple – you throw horseshoes at takes placed 40 feet away from you. With that said, this game can get pretty sophisticated – there are multiple throw styles for you to learn, not to mention that picking the right horseshoe for the game can be pretty challenging because horseshoes come in various shapes and styles.

5. Ladder ball

ladder ball tossing game

In ladder ball (also called ladder toss, ball rope, and monkey ball), you throw bolas (a pair of balls connected by a string) onto a ladder. This again is one of the simpler throwing games that can be easily played in the backyard.

Interestingly, ladder ball is one of the younger tossing games on this list as well. It’s been more or less popular nationwide since the 1990s, and it’s thought to have originated at campgrounds (so it’s DIY to the core).

6. Beer pong

beer pong throeing game

Beer pong probably is also one of those throwing games that most of our readers have played at least once. This game is insanely popular with parties, which is probably thanks to its easy setup and simplicity – it requires only ping pong balls, beer cups, and a beer pong table.

By its nature, classical ping pong certainly isn’t a family game. The cups are traditionally filled with beer, and if an opponent’s ball lands in a cup, its contents need to be consumed. With that, beer pong can be a very fun game, but it can go downhill very quickly.

7. Frisbee throwing games

Frisbee tossing games

Strictly speaking, frisbee isn’t a game but a sports item used in a variety of games collectively called “flying disc sports”. With that said, frisbees are probably the most used in the game of fetch with dogs. If you are a dog owner, then you’ve probably played fetch with a frisbee in the past.

Most frisbee-based games aren’t backyard games – many are played on huge 100 x 37-meter playing fields. But some games – like disc golf or the aforementioned fetch – can be pretty easily played at a sufficiently large lawn.

8. Juggling

Juggling throwing game

Juggling isn’t always competitive – rather, it more often is a display of one’s dexterity, coordination, and speed. Plus, you can practice juggling alone anytime and anywhere as long as you have something to juggle with. Balls work like a charm, but you can kick it up a notch by switching to bats or other props that can be juggled safely.

9. Spikeball game

Spikeball game throwing game

Inspired by volleyball, spikeball (originally roundnet) was created in 1989 by American cartoonist and designed Jeff Knurek. By 1995, the game had lost popularity but was revived in 2008 by Spikeball Inc.

Although spikeball has some resemblance to volleyball, it’s a throwing game of smaller scale and can thus be played at home if you have sufficient lawn space.

10. Yard Darts

Yard Darts tossing game

Source: San Sharma on flicker under creative commons

Yard darts (lawn darts) are similar to regular darts, except lawn darts are much larger and are intended to be thrown underhand toward a target on the ground.

Lawn darts has become very controversial in the 1970s after several children’s deaths. Back in those times, darts used in this game had heavy metal tips that could cause skull punctures and other serious injuries.

Since 1988, lawn darts kits have been banned in the US. However, you can find all-plastic yard darts kit (like this one) that are legal and safer to play with.

11. Ring Toss Game

Ring Toss throwing Game

Source: Crys on flicker under creative commons

Ring toss is similar to throwing games like horseshoes but isn’t as sophisticated and challenging. With that, it is very easy to get into and is great for family fun. Interestingly, some ring toss sets available out there can be used to improve math and eye coordination in children.

12. Bocce Ball

Bocce Ball tossing game

Finally, on our list of throwing games, we have the bocce ball. This game (or at least, a similar game) is thought to have been played as far back as 5,000 BC. Well, it’s a rather simple yet competitive game with sophisticated rules that can bring hours of fun, so no wonder it has existed for several thousand years in some form or other.

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